Adv. Benny Don-Yechiya

Born in Israel.

Graduate of the Tel Aviv University.

Bar member and practices law for more than 35 years.

Focuses on family affairs for more than Three decades,
specializing in the various aspects and facets of family law and inheritance.

Editor of The “Tapuz” Family Law Forum.

Popular TV and radio commentator on Family law issues.

Hosted a popular advisory Q&A radio program.

Was a columnist at the ‘Relations’ section of the ‘Ynet’ digital newspaper.

Was the host of a Family Law issues show on Channel 10.

Member of the Theater Arts Studio Association founded by Yoram Levinstein.

Lectures and conducts workshops on various marriage life and family law aspects.


The Benny Don-Yechiya Law firm

The Benny Don-Yechiya Law Office

offers the full range of services to family law clients,

including creating a strategy and plan for each client, litigation, negotiation,

collaborative law, mediation, and consultation.

Benny Don-Yechiya has vast experience as a most efficient litigator,

that handles the full range of family law cases, including support,

property, child custody, and divorce matters.


Benny Don-Yechiya - a published author

Benny Don-Yechiya is a published author

and law-books writer for lawyers and professionals.

:Wrote 14 books


The Complete Practical Guide to Family Law Questions and answers on all subjects concerning family matters

A 3 books series titled Family at Court

,A popular essential guide to the sensitive areas of the subject

,such as marriage and divorce, alimony, guardianship and custody of child

.joint family property and partition, wills ,and more


,Alimony Laws – A professional 2-volumes book

.written together with late Judge Elisha Sheinbaum

.A book by professionals, for professionals


A Couple made in heaven – ,A collection of poems, songs, anecdotes, stories

.sayings and aphorisms all about marriage and family life


,In The Best Families – A book of short stories with twist endings

.all featuring pictures from marriage life


.Theory of Relationship – Women, men and everything between

,The second book of short stories with a twist ending

.all featuring pictures from marriage life


.Around The Table – The best ideas and stories for Parashot Hashavua


I Renew my Vows to You – Couples` Stories With a Twist-Ending


.The Best Jewish Stories – 800 stories of Hasidim ans Tzadikim in 130 categories


.Year Round – The best ideas for the Jewish Holidays and Life cycles


Mommy and Daddy – Want To Tell You Something



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