Born in Tel-Aviv. Member of the Bar Association since 1977.
    Deals in Family Law, Inheritance Law and Estate
    Executor for over thirty years.
 • Wrote six books in the field of Family Law:
Three books in the series “Family at Court”, which compose a popular guide in matters connected to divorce and all entailed thereby. 

Two additional books, “Support Laws”, were written together with the late Judge Elisha Sheinbaum. The books deal with the subject of court jurisdiction concerning Spousal Support, designed for lawyers and professionals. 

His last book is “The Perfect Pair”, an anthology of poems, stories and sayings on couples and on marriage and family.
  Has a television show on Law issues on Channel 10.

•  Has a permanent radio program on “Kol Yisrael”, where he answers questions
    and gives advice to listeners. 

   Author of weekly story in the magazine “La-Isha”.

   Specialist in Family Law, Inheritance Law & Land Law.

Address: 34 Shalom Aleichem st., Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel:          +972-3-5280460
Fax:         +972-3-5285889